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Welcome to cactus ventures. My website where I write about my new life growing cactus, aloe and agave in central America. I have chosen to invest in succulent farming because i believe it a business that have a enormous potential in the future and an investment that suits the are well. It is a way to invest and do some good at the same time.

I have worked in the corporate sector all my life.

  • First as a loan broker helping people find a way to borrow more than they can really afford. This might be a little cynical. Most clients did look to borrow money for good reasons corporatedid pay it back in time. But a too large percentage of the clients where looking to expand their credit for consumption even though they already had more debt then they should have had. I never liked that job.
  • After that I became a stock broker in Sweden for one of the larger banks. I was primarily responsible for CFD trading.  I liked this job a lot more but in the end I didn’t do much except moving money between accounts. I did help people make money instead of helping them get deeper in debt. I did like that part of the job. But in the end I want to contribute to growth, not just figure out way to benefit from it.
  • This lead me to my next career change. This time I became the CEO of a small company developing garden products. It was a good little company that unfortunately was horrible mismanaged when I took over. All it needed was a little bit of structure. By increasing oversight and tracking we where quickly able to cut down waste and make a profit for the first time in years. All without laying of any employees. Much of the turn around was in fact based on employer feedback that had earlier been disregarded. I stayed in this company for almost 3 years.
  • After the 3 years I was looking for a new challenge and was offered a new CEO positions in another slightly larger company. This job was a lot more demanding since a chain of ill planed merger had created a company that had to many different cultures to work. This company was profitable from day one but was in a lot poorer shape than the first company. The solution was to halt all new acquisitions until all old units could be integrated in the main company structure. A few departments that was redundant to our main focus or featured a culture to different from our own was sold off to other companies. The money was used for organic growth, paying down debt levels and building a war chest for future acquisitions. It took almost 4 years to get the company to act as one organism. After that time the company was leaner, meaner and more flexible. I stayed in that position for another 4 years during which time we grow by over 200% and made several more acquisitions. The company was then bought by a rival.

growing aloeIt was at this point a felt that I wanted to leave the corporate world. I am by no means a wealth man and I might have to return whether I want to or not. But for now I want to try my luck in central America. I want to build something from scratch. I want to build my own company where is see the fruit from all the time and money i invest into it.

My first new investment venture is to try to grow succulents and cactus plants commercially. The dry climate in this area should make this an ideal crop. The goal is to sell large show plants on the US, European and Japanese market. Small plants will likely by sold locally. The competition for small plants is too though for me to want to compete in it and does not use the local climate to its full potential. By growing the cactus in fields until they reach desired size I should be able to get a lot higher return on investment with only marginally higher cost since they are going to need very little maintenance. The seed would be germinated in greenhouses before being moved out.

Opuntia aka fig cactus
Opuntia aka fig cactus

I am also planting aloe to grow and harvest. The hope is that the aloe will give me enough of an income to survive 5-7 years until the first cacti are ready to be sold.

I am also planting a lot of fig cactus. This are planted for a future project where I want to start breeding aldabra turtles.

I am also doing a lot of experimental work in the hope of being able to bring new strains to market and find new species with commercial use. A lot of my working is currently being centered around trying to find a drought hardy succulent that can tolerate being walked on and that would be a suitable replacement for grass on lawn in hot areas. I am currently only trying low growing species that wouldn’t require moving. My goal is to develop a succulent that can replace grass and provide a green lawn that require no care thus eliminating the need for a lot of work.

As a hobby i am a contributing author for trädgårdsväxter.com (Swedish gardening website) and i am working on a book about big foot and other cryptids.  I do not really believe in these animals (not big foot anyway, undiscovered animals yes) . I do however find the belief in this creatures and other mysteries fascinating.