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You have entered the “Frog Pond” at Dragonfly Hill. We hope to create a unique experience for our visitors. We have created this site to provide our readers with interesting topics and our own personal experiences. We want to share them in hopes that they may touch or help someone else.

Dragonfly Hill is a place where you can be confident that the content of our site will be targeted for families. It is a safe place for children and parents. It will be fun for the whole family.

Fresh Air is the portal to just one of our many areas of our site. Here you will find articles on single-parenting, grandparents, teens, keeping the family close, and communication skills. We will also provide pages for the younger members of our family. We will be talking about family traditions, heritage, and creating fun and effective family home evenings. We will look at hobbies, good books, good music, and a number of topics about family finances and planning vacations.

Within Fresh Air you will find The Cellar, a place where you can read and share your poetry. Laugh Lines is our general humor department where everyone can join us for laughs and giggles. Includes the unique humor of “Jen”, Cat Stories, and our Bigfoot Cartoons. The Play Room is for kids.     The Gathering Place is for Teens. Our special project here is to acknowledge Teens who are making a difference.  Whether it is with music, art, or their dedication to volunteerism, we hope you will let us know about those young people who are excelling in life by using their talents to make a difference. Parent to Parent is portal that has been created to support parents and provide information and insight into raising children. Spirit Quest is a journey into our spiritual natures. Regardless of your views on spiritual matters, you will find information here that will inspire you to greatness! Voices of Joy is the place to Share your family stories of courage, heroism, accomplishment, and success. Share your unique lives and the solutions to your particular problems and Help others to look to the future by sharing your stories of triumph and hope in the face of adversity. We have the Crafts and Hobbies Corner where you can find everything from Science kits to Crayola products, sorts, family fun projects, and many other activities that will keep the kids entertained and happy. You will also be able to find how to’s and look at things we are doing in our spare time, complete with photos and instructions. Also check out A Moment In Time where you can read “Writings about Life”.  We will also be developing a Grandparent’s Niche where Grandparents can go to get the latest information not on just being a Grandparents, but on living life to the fullest!  We would like your help with our Out Of The Blue project.  It is our Good Samaritan Award project where we acknowledge those who have gone more than the extra mile to do good works.  This includes acts of heroism, selflessness, generosity, caring and concern for others…what ever you feel deserves a special thanks.  This project cannot work without your participation so we hope to hear from you soon.
So, walk through the portal into the
Fresh Air!

We have many articles on subjects that interest us. Subjects such as Sasquatch/Bigfoot, Gardening, Inexpensive Living, Animals, Zoos, Electric Cars, Home Improvement, Kidney Disease (and the treatment options, including transplant), Native Americans, Travel, and the list goes on! Some of the links are here on our home page, but many others are linked from topical pages within our site.

James was diagnosed with Kidney Disease in 2004 and almost immediately started dialysis. He received a Kidney Transplant in March of 2006. The Kidney Disease Treatment link will take you to a discussion of the treatment options that he considered, and his personal treatment progression.