Bigfoot books

There is a very large selection of different books, videos and websites about Bigfoot available in the market today. on this page i am going to tell you more about some of my favorite books, DVDs and tv-shows.  . I am  going to list books about expeditions, searches, encounters, fictive accounts as well as scientific reports. I am also going to link to some of my favorite websites on the topic.

Bigfoot Books

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Bigfoot DVD:s

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Bigfoot TV-shows

  • Monsters Hunters:  Monster Hunters is a good show that contains some interesting facts. It does however tend to over dramatize stuff and try to build a suspense that is not there. I would prefer if the stick to the facts instead of trying to make the show entertaining.
  • Finding Bigfoot: Finding Bigfoot is a show on animal planet.  It details a lot of different encounters. This show do however also suffer from the producers trying to make the show too entertaining.
  • Native American Bigfoot Legends:  A National geographic documentary from 2015. You can see the show below.

Bigfoot websites

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

Bigfoot encounters