Dinosaur State Park and Arboretum

Dinosaur State Park and Arboretum

in Rocky Hill, CT.

Note: This page was already published on the website when i bought it.  I have left it online since i think it can be useful for people looking for info on the dinosaur park.  Dont ask me question about the park.  I do not know anything.

Just 10 miles south of Hartford, the Capitol of Connecticut, in Rocky Hill, lies Dinosaur State Park.

Here, on a site discovered by a construction worker in 1966, while running a bulldozer to excavate for a new state office building, is a dome constructed to cover and protect a portion of a sandstone layer covered with over 2000 dinosaur tracks. Inside, a visitor will see over 200 of those 2000 tracks, along with many educational exhibits which explain what the visitor can examine.

Dinosaur State Park dinosaur fotprint    exhibit

Dinosaur State Park at rockhill

exhibit at the Dinosaur State Park

dinosaur fotprint